Waitress Caught On CCTV Sticking Hot Dog Up Her Vagina Before Serving It To Customer


You know that old trope of a waiter spitting in your food if you’ve treated them badly when you were ordering your food? I don’t think you have to worry about that kind of thing anymore.

Not because it’s not going to happen anymore (because it could, I guess), it’s just that in the grand scheme of things, a bit of spit on your salad isn’t as bad as what you could be getting.

This comes after a waiter was recorded on CCTV at a diner sliding a hot dog up her vagina after, presumably, a customer pissed her off.

I say “presumably” because absolutely no context was given with the video that just appeared on YouTube which sort of makes you wonder whether or not it’s fake but, you know, it doesn’t look fake.

Have a watch, if you like…

I mean, that’s pretty awful. When I think of people who order hot dogs from restaurants, I think of children… when you put two and two together you’re left with a fairly horrible scenario.

I wonder if she got fired? Probably.


Image via YouTube, iStock

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