Twitter Is Roasting 'Love Island' Newcomer Tyne-Lexy After She Made Some Outlandish Claims


June has arrived, summer is finally here and we all know what that means – Love Island is back on our screens, ready for us to watch and then pretend we’ve never even heard of it if anyone asks. 

A show that essentially involves putting lots of single people in a holiday villa in the hopes they’ll have sex and then fight about it, Love Island has a tendency to capture the nation’s attention. This year, the show has been on for about a week now and there has yet to be any real drama.

Last night two new girls, Gabrielle Allen and Tyne-Lexy Clarson, were sent into the villa to shake things up and we sincerely hope they do. Twitter users have picked Tyne-Lexy as their most recent roast victim, but it’s not for her name.

During the show, she claimed someone once offered her £40,000 to go on a date, but she turned them down. Which is somewhat hard to believe when she’s willing to live in a house full of cameras and scantily clad humans for a month in the hopes of winning £50,000. I know which option I would take!


Meanwhile, Camilla finally kissed someone in the villa and the internet couldn’t have been prouder:

And Amber pulled a face so relatable that you need to save the GIF to your phone immediately:

Amazing. Love Island is on ITV2 every night from 9pm.

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Images via ITV

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