Crocodile Savagely Attacks Trainer Who Put His Head In Its Mouth


Sticking your head in a crocodile’s mouth is akin to something like jumping off a cliff. It’s the kind of thing that your mum would use as an example of something not to do that your friends are trying. “No you can’t go knife throwing!” “But Johnny’s going!” “Oh if Johnny jumped off a cliff, would you follow him?” Works just as well with “Oh if Johnny put his head in a crocodile’s mouth, would you do it too?

With that in mind, people largely don’t put their heads in crocodiles’ mouths. Unless you’re a crowd pleasure from the Thai island of Ko Samui, that is.

That’s right, one showman was showing off his croc tricks in front of a crowd of six, making noises with sticks and such (not a trick, but he had the nerve to do it in front of a crocodile) before putting his head in its mouth.

That’s when, obviously, the reptile went in like a bulldozer and started thrashing the “trainer” around like no-one’s business.

Have a watch…

Ah I know I shouldn’t laugh but, come on, that’s quite funny, isn’t it?

The croc cleared off before anyone had to intervene with a bullwhip or something, for some reason. Maybe it’s happened before and it knew what it was getting itself in for. All of a sudden there would be posters all over Ko Samui advertising the wonder cyclops crocodile… the cycroc.

Apparently the trainer “was showing off previous wounds From Bangkok including a missing finger from his last trick where an accident occurred” so, yeah, funny.

I don’t want to go around saying that he got what he deserved for being reckless but, you know, don’t fuck around with animals and then get all pissy when they bite you. Eat a hemlock or something… they’re poisonous, aren’t they? That would be impressive if you don’t die.

Don’t eat hemlocks!

Image via YouTube

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