Skinhead Helen From 'OITNB' Is Unrecognisable Out Of Character


By definition actors take on the roles of other people, and so we shouldn’t really be all that shocked when one of them turns out to look different in real life to the character they play on the screen.

Still, we are but simple beings here at The Hook, and so when we saw Skinhead Helen from Netflix’s hit Orange is the New Black in real life, the transformation shocked us. Skinhead Helen is played by Francesca Curran. Not only does she have a much friendlier name than her on screen character, she also looks a little different too.

Curran joined Orange is the New Black during series four, with her character Helen being a member of the white pride movement, a bunch of far-right white supremacists.

The tattoos are all fake, but she has to keep a shaved head for the show, meaning that she wears a variety of wigs when she is out and about.

On her Instagram, Curran wrote:” My experience: doing this has been one of the most freeing and eye-opening experiences.”

“Real talk – If you want to learn something about who you are, chop off all your hair…whatever makes you happy- just DO IT! Life is so short, what’s to lose?”

She goes from this:

To this:

That’s an impressive transformation. 

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