Poundland Are Releasing Their Own Version Of Toblerone And It's Chunky AF


For me, Toblerone, like After Eight, Chocolate Orange and Ferrero Rocher, are seasonal chocolates, and I only seem to eat them around Christmas time when it suddenly becomes acceptable for chocolate to become a staple part of your diet as long as you remind people that it’s the festive season.

Not long ago, it was announced to the utter disgust of chocoholics up and down the land, that Toblerone was shedding a little holiday weight – dropping 20g – from 170g to 150g.

People were understandable appalled by the decision, but finally, there’s good news for those of you with a sweet-tooth, because the life-savers over at Poundland are releasing their own version of the chocolate bar and it’s back to its chunky best.

Their version will be called Twin Peaks – that’s one for you David Lynch fans out there – and will weigh in at a respectable 180g, and cost, unsurpirngly, £1.

It looks a lot like its Swiss counterpart, with two rows of chocolate, although the design is said to be inspired by the double hill on the top of the Wrekin in Shropshire as opposed to the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps.

Apparently, it will also have a more distinctive ‘British flavour’ (whatever the hell that means) compared to the traditional Swiss milk nougat.

Poundland trading director Barry Williams said:

“Poundland shoppers are savvy and the change in their favourite chocolate bar last Christmas didn’t go unnoticed. That’s why we’ve created a new £1 alternative for them – the size they wanted, with a British taste, and with all the spaces in the right places.”

The bar will be available in stores from the first week of July, so those of you who are salivating can get your mitts on it then.

I’m going to have to wait for it to cool down before I give it a try though – everyone knows that eating chocolate in this ridiculous heat is a totally torturous and uncomfortable experience.

What do you think about the bar, would you want to try it? Let us know in the comments below!

Images via Poundland/Cadbury/Mondelēz International

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