Pornhub Reveals What Its Users Are Searching For And There's Some Peculiar Results


Pornhub, can at times, be a decent substitute for a best friend.

Think about it – it’s fun, dependable, trustworthy, always there for you when you need it to be – but it can also lead to fallings out and frustration if you hang around with it too much.

Pornhub, the world’s most popular porn site, is apparently a ‘best friend substitute’ for over 75 million visitors a day, which is a pretty staggering amount really – I mean that’s a lot of people wanking – how does anything ever get done?

Anyway, it’s been their 10th anniversary recently, and in that time they’ve picked up on a few of our viewing trends.

In fact, the streaming site has amassed so much data on its users’ sexual fantasies that it’s now what New York magazine calls “the Kinsey Report of our time” – which refers to two famous books on sexual behaviour from the mid-20th Century.

This is probably the most factual and truthful bit of info you’re likely to find on porn viewing patterns, as it’s based on hard, empirical data as opposed to a survey, so you can take it as pretty accurate.

One of the more interesting findings to come out of the data was that often our porn interests align with current events. Last year, after Kim Kardashian’s infamous robbery, “burglar” became the second-fastest-growing search category. Additionally, searches for “Cuban maid” spiked last November after Fidel Castro died.

Even on Election Night in the U.S people couldn’t stop themselves from looking at porn – as the site’s overall traffic grew 10% immediately after Donald Trump officially won.

And, get a load of this, when there were unconfirmed rumours of a “pee tape” involving the president – you guessed it – the search for “golden showers” increased by 289%.

There’s loads of other weird porn data that’s also emerged so here’s some of the most unusual bits for you to take a look through:

  • Millennials love cosplay.
  • People browse the “redhead” category for six and a half minutes, compared to an average of 11 minutes for the old / young category.
  • Pornhub traffic declines by 45% on Christmas Eve — but then rises to 34% on Christmas morning.
  • Searches for “elf” go up 464% around Christmas.
  • There is a 17% drop in traffic on Valentine’s Day, after 6pm.
  • On Father’s Day, searches for “dad” and “daddy” went up 1,361%.


That’s a lot of unusual and extremely personal information those people at Pornhub have on all of us. But then again, what use is a best friend if you can’t tell them your innermost secrets anyway…

What is your preferred porn search? Let us know in the comments below!

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