The 'Pitch Perfect 3' Teaser Is A Whirlwind Of Singing, Action And Barden Bella Love


The teaser for Pitch Perfect 3 has arrived and we are acca-obsessed. 

Forget continental success – the Pitch Perfect franchise has now achieved planetary domination. Fans all over the globe have expressed an eagerness to see the third instalment in the series, and we think that everyone will be pleased to discover that the Bellas are finally back.

This new short teaser delivers some behind-the-scenes fun for our pleasure. Anna Kendrick makes a much awaited return as Beca, whilst Rebel Wilson reprises her iconic role as Fat Amy. Brittany Snow and Anna Camp are also present, and even Ester Dean pops up as the hard-hitting, androgynous rapper, Cynthia Rose.

Fans will surely delight as familiar faces, such as John Michael Higgins and Hailee Steinfeld, candidly hopscotch between scenes whilst filming.

We’re also granted a much awaited peak into Rebel Wilson’s hilarious side, as Fat Amy battles with a pack of dogs.

The third film will see our faves taking on some new and seemingly unfamiliar territories, the teaser reveals. For example, Anna Camp will be seen in a rather rife party scene, which, whilst not exactly up to the antics of a college flophouse, will include some pretty wild circumstances for her to navigate through. Another scene will have some of our Bellas caught in a bit of deep water – literally.

Whilst the teaser only shows us a couple minutes of behind the scenes antics and pieces of commentary, one can only hope that the full trailer – which drops on this coming Friday – will give us more of an understanding as to just what we should expect from the final film.

How will the Barden Bellas cope now that they have all graduated? Could Beca and Chloe ever be more than friends? What’s going to happen to Beca and her promising career in music production? So many questions!

Oh well, it could be a while until any of those can be answered, but until then – why not enjoy the teaser below?

Let us know what you think in the comments!

Images via Giphy/Universal Pictures/Twitter

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