People Are Furious With This Pretty Sexist 'Wonder Woman' Review


DC’s Wonder Woman was released two days ago in cinemas and, so far, has been met very enthusiastically. It’s had rave reviews left, right and centre and a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes which, as you know, is very impressive.

It’s also being hailed for breaking the glass ceiling in regards to female directors in Hollywood, earning more than $98 million on its debut and it’s a treat to see that a DC film, post Nolan, can actually be good.

That being said, one man wasn’t that impressed. David Edelstein of Vulture reviewed the superhero romp pretty unenthusiastically, praising Gal Gadot for her performance but picking holes in its apparently clunky plot.


So far so good. Obviously it’s not great that Edelstein didn’t like the film but, hey, that’s allowed. Each to his own and all that. The problem is all of the incredibly weird shit he said about Gal Gadot and the history of Wonder Woman. Take the first sentence, for example:

The only grace note in the generally clunky Wonder Woman is its star, the five-foot-ten-inch Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot, who is somehow the perfect blend of superbabe-in-the-woods innocence and mouthiness.”

What does that even mean? Then there’s the rest of the of the article; it reads like the writer thinks Gal Gadot is really fit but is perpetually fascinated, yet dubious, about her heritage…

She’s a treat here with her raspy accented voice and driving delivery. (Israeli women are a breed unto themselves, which I say with both admiration and trepidation.)

What’s that, David? He sounds like an 80s businessman recounting the tale of how he went to Israel, painted Jerusalem red and had several local women fight for his loving. He then says this really bizarre, somewhat untrue thing about Wonder Woman that we all apparently knew and loved…

fans might be disappointed that there’s no trace of the comic’s well-documented S&M kinkiness

I mean yeah, I’ve got to say, I’m pretty darn gutted that they cut the scene where Gal Gadot chains Chris Pine to the ceiling and went to work on him with a whip and a dildo. Wonder Woman just isn’t the same without it… And then:

With a female director, Patty Jenkins, at the helm, Diana isn’t even photographed to elicit slobbers


This bit’s not sexist, it’s just weird:

Pine with his otherworldly blue eyes makes a sweet and tender straight man

The rest of the review, he’s just saying how the fight scenes are poorly choreographed (which I believe) and it’s all just pretty passable, with dustings or creepiness (“I didn’t miss Lynda Carter’s buxom, apple-cheeked pinup”, “She looks fabulous in her suffragette outfit with little specs”, “Her face looks Pre-Raphaelite, flushed and suffused with a sense of purpose”, “Gadot’s Diana pauses mid-rant and a vertical crease appears at the base of her broad forehead — her mind is churning”).

Naturally, Twitter raised issue…

Maybe they should get a sub-editor?

Up next, ‘Why women are sexy but I don’t like it when they do things that aren’t sex with me’ and then ‘Foreign girls be crazy, yo’.

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Via Vulture

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