Love Island's Camilla And Johnny Break Up Over Awkward Feminism Argument


People of the UK were overjoyed when Love Island‘s sweetheart, Camilla, seemed to have finally found someone in the villa she liked. They smooched,, everyone freaked out. 

Camilla and Johnny seemed like the perfect couple, and viewers of the show were basically ready to crown them the winners and hand them the £50k – until Johnny went and sabotaged Camilla’s look for love with a few choice words about feminism.

In an awkward argument that came out of nowhere, Johnny explained that he would feel ’emasculated’ if a woman paid on a date. Camilla looked horrified at the thought of not paying her share, to which Johnny said “oh you’re a feminist aren’t you” to which she responded, “shouldn’t we all be?”

Cue awkward faces from every viewer across the country.

Everything went further downhill from there, with a heated conversation about feminism sprouting between the two. Johnny described feminism as against men, and suggested that women almost have more opportunities than men. Camilla looked dazed, and then burst into tears as soon as they were apart.

In between her tears, she told the girls she felt like an idiot for letting herself like someone before she’d really gotten to know them. She kicked herself for kissing him, and everyone fell in love with her a little more. Oh sweet, sweet Camilla.

People were quick to react:

The pair then went to bed very apart from one another, which was a far cry from the cute cuddling and kissing they were doing the night before.

Things went from bad to worst the next day when Camilla decided to talk to the girls about their argument and her doubts about Johnny. She forgot to check he wasn’t in the surrounding areas, and he heard everything – including her moaning about how he doesn’t clean up in the house, and accusing him of being lazy.

Oh lordy.

She then approached him to apologise and in the words of her fellow Islanders, he pied her.

Camilla tried to talk to him about this whole thing, but he stomped all over her puppy eyes and told her “we were niave to think this was ever gonna go anywhere” and boom they were over and Camilla is single again.

And fans were quick to point out…


We’re mostly concerned because this split leaves her vulnerable for expulsion from the villa, and we don’t think we can survive Love Island without her. Like the islanders say, she needs to make sure she doesn’t keep all her eggs in one basket and get grafting.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Images via ITV2

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