Love Islanders Have Turned Against Jonny After Shocking Twist Revealed


A disease is sweeping the nation. It’s taking up Twitter feeds, ruining nights out and killing many scheduled 9pm TV shows. It’s called Love Island.

It sucks you in and all of a sudden you have one less hour a day and you’ve gained nothing of importance, except maybe some weird new lingo like “dick sand”.

There’s something about the micro-universe of the Love Island villa that captures our attention and has us tuning in each day to see what has happened, and now the producers have revealed there is going to be quite a shock twist.

National treasure Camilla is coupled up with Johnny, and the last we heard of it they were feeling all loved up and doe eyed. In a shocking preview posted to Twitter, however, it seemed the villa has turned on Johnny after it became apparent he was playing a game with Camilla’s heart.

She was seen sitting alone looking forlorn, as the islanders explained that he lately been giving her no attention and the pair spent no time together. It was then announced that one couple would be booted from the show, as voted by the other couples.

The pairing that the majority believe aren’t compatible will be abandoning the sunbeds and heading back home to England.

The couples can be seen making their tough decisions, and with everyone turning on Johnny, it could be the end of Camilla on our screens. Things also look pretty bleak for Amber and Kem, and the friendship based pairings on the show .

We’ll be glued to our sofa from 8:30pm ready for tonight’s drama filled episode.

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Images via ITV2

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