'Love Island' Spokesperson Reveals The Biggest Plot Twist Ever


Put your Love Island watching pajamas on and prepare for lots of drama as a spokesperson for the show has revealed things are about to go down. 

The team responsible for this year’s show have caved to the pressure to make the show more dramatic than ever before, and have gone to the drawing board to come up with the plot twist of all plot twists. They allegedly have a second villa ready to go, and will soon separate the boys from the girls into two villas to test their relationships even further.

After the original lot of islanders have been dragged from each other, new islanders will be added to each villa to mix things up.

A spokesperson told RadioTimes.com it was going to be the “ultimate test of loyalty and relationships for existing couples – and a chance for the ones who haven’t found love to find it.”

Just saying, if anyone dares go near Gabby or Marcel there will be an angry British public to answer to. But hey, just think, Camilla might finally find love.

Fans are split in their reactions to the news:

Producers have also released a clip that reveals there will be a recoupling tonight, and that Tyla (despite Kem’s best efforts) totally has her eyes on Jonny:

Why isn’t it 9pm already?

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Images via ITV

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