Lily Allen Dropped From 'Newsnight' After Her Comments On Grenfell Tower Fire


Lily Allen has claimed that she’s been pulled from Newsnight, seemingly over controversial comments that she made on the Grenfell Tower Fire. 

The 32-year-old singer tweeted, revealing that she’s been replaced by someone from the Kensington and Chelsea council.

Speaking to Jon Snow on Channel 4, Allen had suggested that media outlets were under-reporting the death toll of the disaster (17 people were confirmed to have died at the time), and that the real number is closer to 150.

She said:

“I have never in my entire life seen an event like this where the death count has been downplayed by the mainstream media.

Seventeen? I’m sorry but I’m hearing from people that the figure is much closer to 150, and that many of those people are children.

Those are off the record numbers I’ve been given from policemen and from firemen.”

She’s elaborated on this on Twitter:

A spokesperson from the BBC has since made a statement, and denied that Lily’s comments were the reason that she was pulled from Newsnight:

Our thoughts are with everybody affected by this disaster. 

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