Journalist Explains Why Media Won't Call Finsbury Mosque Attacker A "Terrorist"


In the wake of the attack in Finsbury Park last night – by which a man ploughed a van into Muslims leaving a local mosque – the media has come under criticism for not referring to the perpetrator as a “terrorist.” 

While the men who carried out the attacks on Westminster Bridge, Manchester Arena and London Bridge and Borough Market were quickly identified as such, the white man who specifically targeted Muslims has been called an “attempted murderer”, a “suspected attacker” and “clean shaven.” 

He’s been correctly identified as having had carried out a “terror attack”, but hasn’t been described as a terrorist.

While this might seem worrying, a former journalist has pointed out that there’s an explanation

This isn’t to say that the reporting of – say – The Daily Mail is responsible. They’ve widely been accused of victim blaming.

Our thoughts are with everybody affected by this attack. 

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