Footage Of Love Island's Jess Trying To Seduce Her Boyfriend's Best Mate Has Surfaced


Just when we all thought things couldn’t get any weirder in regards to this year’s Love Islanders, a video has now resurfaced from 2016 when Jessica Rose was in a relationship with YouTuber JMX.

People of the internet are pretty certain Amber was in Tracy Beaker, and we all know that Marcel was in Blazin’ Squad – but who knew Jess has an internet famous ex boyfriend?

Joel, AKA JMX, has over 2 million subscribers and received an influx of comments and tweets when Jess appeared on the show after viewers recognised her from his previous videos. He has come out to assure people that the pair are very much broken up, and that he hasn’t seen her in five months, but that hasn’t stopped people sharing a video they did together.

A prank in which Jess attempted to awkwardly seduce his best mate in a way that could only have been inspired by a cheap 90’s porno…

The delightfully cringe-filled video now has a whopping 13 million views, with many Love Island views undoubtedly now excited for her to debut her seduction skills on the show.

Now that would  be great reality TV, ladies and gents. Jess remains blissfully unaware that her sex tape has been leaked and that the British public have been sharing her interesting attempts at seduction as she is completely cut off from communication in the Love Island villa.

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Images via YouTube / JMX

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