Farmer Dies After A Drunken Fight With A Pig That Bit Off His Penis


In one of the stranger, and sadder, headlines from around the world today, it has emerged that a Mexican farmer has died after a pig devoured his penis and three of his fingers. 

Local media in the south-western Mexican state of Oaxaca have reported that 60-year-old Miguel Anaya Pablo, died after he started a fight with the pig whilst in a drunken rage.

The pig apparently retaliated, after the farmer aggressively provoked it, and bit off his penis and three of his fingers in a vicious attack. Despite being rushed to a nearby hospital, Miguel sadly died shortly afterwards due to a bacterial infection caused by the bites.

An autopsy is currently underway to further determine what happened. Pig attacks are actually more common than you might think, with British pigs known as being particularly aggressive.


According to Slate magazine, pigs are  “known to attack cooperatively” and there have also been accounts of swine pinning farmers to tractors and attacking them, as well as – in the case of one 70-year-old farmer in Oregon – ganging up and eating their owners.


Image Credit: LCN 




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