The Dad Dating Simulator Game That We've All Been Waiting For Is Coming


It was around this time last year that Pokémon Go became massive. It was being trialled in Australia and people all over the world were finding ways to get it in their respective homelands, changing the locations on their phones and going after those sweet, sweet mons.

Well it looks like this year has its very own Pokémon Go, and it comes in the shape of a hot dad dating game. That’s right… finally!

See at first, I assumed the premise of that game was that you’re a single mother who’s looking to not be single anymore with the help of some tasty dads but it turns out that you’re actually also a single dad who’s looking to get off with various other single dads.


So apparently you’re a single father whose daughter is getting ready for university. On top of that, you’re ready to get back into the dating game – and who better to date than a bunch of other sexy single dads?


Twitter loves it…

I’m not so sure just how PG this game is and it’s fairly safe to say that it’s probably not as universal as Pokémon Go but, you know, it seems to have its charm.

It’s just gay dad Sims, right?

It was only a matter of time until someone made it.

Image via DreamDaddy

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