Captain SKA To Perform Their Chart-Topping Hit 'Liar Liar' At Brixton Gig


Gosh, Wednesdays are dull aren’t they? You’re up to your knees in work, you’ve still got two days to go until the weekend and generally they’re a bit of a non-event.

Well, I’ve got just the remedy for those mid-week blues, because Captain SKA – the band behind the chart topping anti-Tory smash hit Liar Liar– which is actually a bloody catchy song – are playing a special gig at Brixton Jamm starting at 7:30pm – with tickets on sale here.

The song has been in the news recently for its controversial lyrics that criticise Theresa May for a number of her policies. My favourite lines include: “We all know politicians like telling lies/Big ones, little ones, porky pies/Saying they’re strong and stable won’t disguise/We’re still being taken for a ride.”

A number of UK radio stations have refused to play the track for fear of breaching impartiality rules outlined by Ofcom, but for one night only, and just a day before the polls open, you can catch the band in Brixton – which is incidentally where I live, and a great place to go out.

The 10 piece act will be playing a set “packed with dance floor filling protest tunes to keep you thinking and dancing your way to the election,” with the event also being supported by The People’s Assembly Against Austerity.

Brixton Jamm is also a wicked venue and they say it’s “a very rare chance to see the full band live,” but tickets are expected to sell out quickly – so round up your crew and don’t miss out.

Tickets can be bought online here, and start at £8. You can also check out the event page on Facebook if you fancy it.

We’ll also be going live with the event, so in case you can’t make it you can catch all the great music right here with us.

I’ll be there though, so hopefully I’ll be seeing you all down there for some pre-election boogieing.

Images via Facebook

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