ASDA Are Selling A Massive Inflatable Pool And It's An Absolute Bargain


We’re in the middle of June, and the weather is mighty fine right now.

I’m currently sat in a stuffy office with the sun mercilessly beating down on my face, and as I write this article I wish for nothing more than to be outside, at a BBQ, with a few mates, some meat, and a load of cold ones.

There’s only one way that you could make that scenario any better; adding in a massive, inflatable pool. And with ASDA’s latest offering, I’m well on my way to crafting the perfect summer’s day.

That’s because they’re selling a giant (267cm x 216cm x 66cm) inflatable pool that they describe as ‘the perfect pool to relax in’. And get a load of this – it’s only going to set you back a mere £30 –  which means that if you have three mates, it’s only a tenner each, or for me and my one friend, £15 each, which still isn’t that bad.

It has four seats, and an approximate water capacity of 836 litres (221 gallons), which is basically the same as a swimming pool. You could even open it to the general public and charge them to use it it’s that big.

A review on ASDA’s site said: “This Pool is fab! It’s a really good size, the built-in seats are really comfy, and I absolutely love the colour! If you buy it you won’t be disappointed, as it’s awesome!!!”

Take a look:

The pool is just the latest in a series of blockbuster summer bargains.

Aldi recently announced they were selling the “biggest steak on the market” – a huge 16oz rump steak for the measly price of £4.99 – which is available right now.

Tony Baines, joint managing director of corporate buying at Aldi UK said:

This is another great example of Aldi’s continued commitment to offering premium quality products at amazing low prices, allowing customers to make substantial savings on luxury products without compromise.”

The German supermarket chain were also recently lauded for bringing gin ice lollies to everyone’s attention, which may be the greatest invention since sliced bread.

It seems the guys over at ASDA and Aldi really have got our backs this summer. You’ll have to act quick though, as the steaks and the inflatable pool won’t be around forever.

All this summer talk has really got me excited now – thank God it’s Friday.

What you do you think about ASDA’s pool, will you be buying it? Let us know in the comments below!

Images via ASDA/Aldi/Facebook

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