An Artist Drew SpongeBob As A Real-Life Human And It's Creepy AF


Here they are, those two lovable fellas living in a pineapple under the sea, SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star. You’be probably seen ’em before. There’s so much to love about them and so little to creep you out.  


Well, as long as they’re animations that is. 3D artist Miguel Vasquez only went and imagined what SpongeBob and Patrick would look like as real life humans, and , well, you wouldn’t to pull back your shower curtain and see one of them lurking, that’s for sure. Take a look.

You can’t say that we never warned you. Now, take an even closer look at Spongebob. Go on, put your phone right up against your eyes and try and stare him out.

And Patrick too.

One more time for good luck.

Twitter users weren’t shy in sharing their thoughts. This guy says it best, keep this shit away from kids. 

It’s too late now folks, you can’t unsee that shit. 

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