34 Dark Stock Images That Are Far Too Hilarious To Be Taken Seriously


So before we get into this, I feel obliged to clarify that we at The Hook do not find suicide, murder, alcoholism, child-neglect or terrorism funny. That may as well be our tagline. Bar me and James, the video editor, with our soft spots for alcoholism, we all hate those things.

That being said, poorly reenacted accounts of the above scenarios can be hilarious. And no, we’re not talking about every Nick Cage film, we’re talking about stock images.

There’s now a Twitter page that shares the darkest and best stock images with us and we love it. Here’s some of their best…

1. This is a pretty common theme in these, actually…



4. She won’t like that gift one bit. It’s all dirty and rusty.




8. This guy’s the replacement for the guy in number five…

9. You can see where they’ve poorly painted a grey plastic gun



12. What even???

13. There’s so much going on here. She’s only somewhat perturbed by some debt (if that’s what she’s looking at) and he’s totally throwing in the towel. Either that or she’s found his sketchy internet history… again, by the look on her face.


15. Is that the same baby from the one above? Tough break.

16. Pretty sure I’ve seen this in South Park


18. My favourite

19. Some kind of 50 Shades spinoff?



22. Aren’t stock images supposed to be a tiny bit relatable?

23. Look at him. He’s resigned himself to death. He knows life’s not worth living if he’s been shot there.


25. They can’t handle real alcohol but they don’t mind a few lines of gear. Sounds like a night out in Bournemouth

26. Just pick one.

27. So drink-driving bad, obviously, but he’s driving across a dual carriageway. Not only that, but he’s somehow crossed the central reserve where there’s quite visibly a barrier. I wouldn’t worry about the beer, to be honest. This man is clearly indestructible.

28. Bike kid from earlier?




32. He put the gun down and picked up a noose. Why does every stock image model have a gun, some robe and unbranded alcohol.

33. So is she about to kill herself and he’s just adding insult to injury by also mugging her or is she getting ready to fight him off?


Images via Shutterstock

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