20 Of The Most F**ked Up Sexual Fetishes You'd Prefer Not To Know About


6. Diaper Festishism

At no point in my life, particularly when I’m turned on, have I thought ‘You know what, I’d really love to be wearing a giant nappy right now,’ buy hey- who am I to judge? Diaper fetishism is often linked to people dressing up as adult babies for sexual gratification, and is a fetish that enthusiasts pursue as a form of humiliation which turns them on. I don’t need to wear a giant diaper to humiliate myself, simply taking off my clothes usually does that job.

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7. Feederism

Finally, a fetish I can get on board with. Feederism is basically getting aroused from helping people put on weight and get fat. Surely this is what most relationships descend into anyway when you both become so comfortable with one another and get so far past the point of caring, you start to shovel takeaway food down each other’s gullets on a regular basis. I do have to admit- eating whilst having an orgasm sounds like a part of Pleasure Town I ain’t never been to before, but would definitely like to visit.

8. Lactophilia

Some people are reluctant to leave their childhoods behind. And by childhoods, I mean baby-hood. Oh, and by baby-hood, I mean breastfeeding. Yes, apparently breast milk is now sexy and some fellas are even paying pretty big bucks for some of that sweet, motherly elixir. Bitty now…

9. Psellismophilia

I’m…r-r-really…t-t-turned…on…r-r-right…n-n-now. If you’re wondering why I said it like that it’s because apparently stuttering makes certain people hot under the collar, which is great news for people with stutters. It also means that Porky Pig from the Looney Tunes might actually be someone’s ideal man.

10. Mechanophilia

I was always wary of blokes that loved cars so much because they just never really interested me. But now I’m going to be even more cautious, because mechanophiliacs love them so much they want to have sex with them. You can almost imagine a mechanophile going to buy a porn mag and coming out with the latest issue of Autotrader. ‘ ‘Corr, look at the wheels on her, the tease’.


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