Woman On Reality TV Show Gets The Worst Tattoo We've Ever Seen


If there’s a lesson to be learnt, dear people of the internet, don’t let your friends choose your tattoos – and especially if it involves being on an MTV show.¬†

MTV’s latest creation Just Tattoo Of Us does just that. It gives friends, lovers, and family members the chance to surprise one another with wonderful and thoughtful permanent bits of skin art. Well, maybe just permanent.

I know that if I were to go on this show with a friend, we would most probably use the opportunity to actually get nice tattoos for one another on the cheap. But hey, that’s why I’ve never been on MTV! One pair of friends who ventured onto the show didn’t hesitate to humiliate each other, and seemed to have forgotten that a tattoo is, well, permanent.

Alicia chose a design for Louise that’s sure to make you feel grateful you don’t have her as a friend:

Yes. That’s a hand pulling out a tampon from her downstairs entrance.

The only consolation is that Louise could easily head over to Tattoo Fixers and see if they could cover the tampon with some balloons or something.

When explaining the reasoning behind her choice of tattoo, Alicia said:

“She went home with a really, really ugly boy and she was on her period and she forgot she had a tampon in, so I had to assist with removing her tampon.

It was a competition, I knew she would do worse, well I thought she would do worse, and now I feel a little bit bad. But it also reminds her that I help her.”


A few weeks ago, a pair of cousins¬†on the show also competed to see who could give each other the worst tattoo – but we’re pretty sure the girl with ‘slut’ branded on her butt cheek came off the worst.

How on earth do they find the people to go on this show?!

Would you let your mate pick your tattoo? Let us know in the comments!

Images via MTV

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