Woman Pays Back The Man Who Sued Her For A Terrible Date


When a story broke earlier in the week about a man suing a woman he took on a date because of her constant texting during a movie, I thought it’d be the last we’d here from it.

Turns out I was wrong, because the “date from hell” has actually reached some sort of resolution, as serial texter Crystal Cruz has agreed to pay back the $17.31 she was being sued for.

The $17.31, according to Brandon Vezmar (the 37 year-old guy unhappy with his date), was the amount he paid for pizza and her movie ticket to the 3-D showing of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2.

It was during the film that his date started to send a series of text messages, despite Vezmar asking her to stop. Apparently, she then left the cinema and abandoned him there with no way to get home.

This prompted him to send her the following message:

It reads:“Crystal, your behavior Saturday was not only rude, but it cost me money. I want you to compensate me for the $17 movie ticket and the $4 pizza. Will you do this or [do] I have to have to pursue the money in small claims court?” he asked.

She replied, saying: “Are you serious? My best friend needed me right away and you said my phone was driving you crazy then I felt so uncomfortable. I can’t believe you would take it as far as going to court. This is insane.”

He then proceeded to file the incident in a small claims court saying it cost him $17.31, adding that the texting habit was “a threat to civilized society.”

Not wanting to allow the argument to continue, the good people at Inside Edition brought the feuding daters back together at the scene of the heinous crime in an attempt to bridge the gap, which you can watch below:

“The date just didn’t work out,” Crystal said during the reunion.

She also apologized and handed him the $17.31, asking him to “just leave this alone.”

Vezmar then accepted her apology and said: “It’s settled man. Time to withdraw this court case… It’s settled.” 

Something tells me these two won’t be getting married anytime soon. Back to Bumble it is then.

Do you think she should have paid him back? Have you been on any terrible dates? Let us know in the comments below!

Images via Facebook/Twitter/Inside Edition

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