US Version Of 'Love Actually 2' Reveals What Happened To Sarah


In Love Actually, Sarah’s story was a little sad.¬†

While it at first looked like romance was blossoming between her and Karl, the revelation that she had a mentally ill brother (who needed to be her priority) cooled things off.

And that was that.

Sarah didn’t appear in Red Nose Day Actually (apparently due to the fact that Laura Linney was unavailable for filming), and we were left to wonder if she and Karl ever got their happy ending…


Well, now we know. Red Nose Day Actually aired in the USA last night, with an additional Sarah scene added on.

Opening with her working late in an office (again), it saw her answer a phone call – “Hello darling. Absolutely. I’m almost finished. How are you?”


While we might have presumed that she was talking to her brother, it turned out that the call was from none other than Patrick Dempsey. Sarah’s husband.


Karl can be the one that got away, because Sarah married McDreamy.

They have a short, pleasant conversation, during which you can see a cute kid’s drawing on the wall behind Dempsey.

It would appear that he and Sarah have children.

We don’t know what happened with her brother, but we can only imagine that Patrick is the kind of husband who isn’t intimidated by his wife’s responsibilities and love for her family…

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Images via NBC

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