Taystee And Poussey Reunite In 'Orange Is The New Black' / 'Black Mirror' Mash-Up


Warning: this article contains spoilers from Orange is the New Black. If you’re not up to date, then piss off. We don’t want to spoil it for you… 

Be still our beating hearts. 

Following on from Poussey’s cruel and unnecessary death at the end of Orange is the New Black season four, we never thought that we’d see her and Taystee together again. We were wrong.

In an Orange is the New Black Mirror mash-up, Taystee visits her old friend in San Junipero – the “heaven on Earth” that Black Mirror characters Kelly and Yorkie frequent in their old age.

It’s a bittersweet mash-up, and we’re guessing a brief moment of whimsy before the intense onslaught that is season five (we can’t wait…).

Check it out here:


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Images via Netflix

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