Someone Has Put Together The Perfect Spotify Sex Playlist. It Gets Weird.


Lately, a lot of people have been sharing their Spotify playlists. There’s one for every situation, whether you’re breaking up with someone, quitting your job, or apologising for forgetting someone’s birthday, playlists can help you through a lot of situations.

More commonly, though, people have been putting mixtapes and playlists together to help them along in bed for decades now. Sex playlists are a main-staple and can turn a forgettable night into one of romance and passion.

But what songs do you choose? Everyone’s different and likes different tunes, right?

Well maybe not, because Nic Sampson has gone and put together the perfect sex playlist. I’d have never managed to put something as erotic as this together. I never use enough owls.

1 2 3 4


I’m nursing a semi just thinking about this and I can’t imagine how Daisy’s doing, proof-reading this. I’m scared to look, to be honest.

Thank you, Nic, you’ve saved my sex life.

Images via Twitter

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