PornHub Reveals The Most Popular Categories Of The Past Ten Years


In 2007, PornHub got about one million hits a day. Nowadays, it’s 75 million. 

It’s considered the 12th most popular website in the UK (coming above the likes of Netflix, Reddit, IMDb and Instagram), and the 38th most popular worldwide. That, for a porn website, is impressive.

Just turning ten, PornHub has decided to celebrate its success by releasing some stats about its users, and how their porn-watching habits have changed over the past decade.

It makes for some interesting reading…

First up, we’ve got the most popular categories. 2007 – 2010 was all about the amateur, while more recently, people have been searching for lesbian.


When it comes to uploading videos, only three categories have surpassed the million mark: amateur, gay and blowjob. Hardcore (with 967,091 videos) is almost there, and then teen (18+), masturbation and babe are catching up as well.


If the rate at which people are uploading videos continues to accelerate, they’ll be over a million in no time.

In 2007, only 134 hours of footage were uploaded to the site. Last year, it was 467,291.


The time that people spend on PornHub seems to be dropping. In 2007, it was an average of 13:46 minutes, and in 2017 it’s just 9:46.


We can only imagine that this is down to the fact that there’s a lot more content on there nowadays. In 2007, poor men and women would have to trawl through 14.6 pages before they found something that they could beat off to. Now, it’s just 9.6 pages, and you’re on your way.

PornHub also demonstrated just quite how significantly mobile use has grown:


That’s a whole lot of people watching porn on their phones.

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Images via PornHub

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