Nutella Fries: The Chocolate Covered Trend That Will Legit Make You Salivate


Nutella Fries are now a thing and life suddenly feels complete. We dare you not to drool at the sight of these glorious dishes. 

For all you sweet and salty combo lovers, this may be your ticket to food heaven.

I think we can all agree that chips (or fries, if you’re living across the pond) are a good use of potatoes. Drizzle anything on them and you are good to go. You can pop them like pills whilst you’re walking down the street, and not one person will judge you. Fries/Chips (or whatever you call them) are just bloody great.

And now they’ve gotten ten times better – with the help of some chocolate, of course.

Nutella Fries are the newest thing to hit the food market and to say that they’re life-changing would be a complete understatement. The combination is a simple but clever one: drizzle some Nutella over a heap of chips/fries and sprinkle some powdered sugar on top. If you’d rather try something much colder, try popping a scoop of ice cream over it and enjoy a melted marvel. Some people top the dish off with some grated hazelnuts, but those final touches are completely up to you. The two main ingredients are honestly just chocolate and chips. What a time to be alive, eh?

Check out these inspiring Instagram posts and try to keep breathing:


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We think that it would be best to stock up on your tubs of Nutella like, right now.

Let us know what you think of Nutella Fries in the comments!

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