Niall Horan Prank-Called A Niall Horan Impersonator And People Loved It


When you hear the words ‘one’ and ‘direction’, you’re most likely to think of Harry Styles or Zayn Malik – but underappreciated 1d member Niall Horan has stepped out from the shadows to show the world he’s actually… tolerable.Β 

The 23-year-old has followed in the footsteps of his bandmates and yesterday released a second solo single titled ‘Slow Hands’, and while drumming up some excitement for the track he popped in for a chat on BBC Radio 1.

While there, Grimmy got him to call up a professional Niall Horan impersonator and demand that the impersonator give an impromptu performance. Horan then, much to the surprise of the fake Niall, joins in. Niall No.2Β catches on pretty quick and his reaction is amazing. Check it out:

Fake Niall AKA Liam Fergusson admitted he thought it was pretty funny:

And admittedly, he does have some resemblance to the star:

And people loved it:

And seeing as I’ve said ‘Niall Horan’ more times in this article that I ever have in my entire life, here’s his new single. Just to top it all off.

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Images via BBC / Twitter: @liamferguson96

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