Man Vs Food Is Coming Back But It Won't Feature Adam Richman


Everyone had their daytime TV guilty pleasure from back in the day. Whether you were having a day off, you were ill, or you were simply unemployed, fun from daytime TV would usually elude us, being as boring as it is. That is until your show came on…

For me, it was Extreme Fishing with Robson Green. I couldn’t tell you why, I find fishing incredibly dull and I don’t care for Robson Green as an actor, but when you put the two together, something beautiful happens. But anyway, for others, it could have been Storage Wars, repeats of Top Gear, Jeremy Kyle or, more likely, Man vs Food.


(Little side note, it’s sort of weird how Dave essentially cornered the watchable daytime TV market, isn’t it?). I digress, Man vs Food was very good. It featured Adam Richman going around various eateries in America, eating huge portions of fatty food, usually smothered in cheese in some form or another and, in general, just being a great presenter.

We all loved it until it was eventually cancelled in 2012, with Adam Richman rightly concerned about his health. He went on to present another show called Secret Eats with Adam Richman which was basically just a classier Man vs Food. It was fun but not quite the same, you know.

Well, if you’re looking to fill that Man vs Food shaped hole in your life, look no further. The Travel Channel are bringing it back in all it’s glory, except with a different presenter – Casey Webb. Hmmm. Here’s what they had to say about it…

One of the most popular series on Travel Channel will return with food lover, actor and restaurant business veteran Casey Webb picking up the baton.


The new season begins production this week and is set to premiere in August. Webb continues the quest to find America’s most delicious, unique eats – taking on legendary eating challenges.

Original host and food fanatic Adam Richman astounded viewers as he braved dozens of incredible food dares for four seasons. Now, Webb will hit the road in search of hometown hot spots with the spiciest, largest and most amazing dishes on their menu.

This will be interesting. Can they recreate the brilliance of the old show? Only time will tell.

Good luck, Casey Webb.

Images via Travel Channel, Twitter

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