Man Tells You How He Uses His Small Penis, Live On Daytime TV


One of the most common insecurities going has to be centred around men and their potentially sub-par penises. Is it big enough? Will they notice? Will I get laughed out of bed? Did I leave the stove on? All big question making up for the lack of a big dick.

Ant Smith has a small penis, for example, and he used to be worried about all those kinds of thing but these days, he’s totally cool with it, having written and published a book called The Small Penis Bible..

Anyway, to promote his easy-reading guide to lil’ willies, Ant appeared on This Morning, talking to husband and wife presenting duo, Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford. He went into fairly intricate details about how and what he uses to have a good time in bed and spoke about the stigma of being not-so-well endowed…

You can really tell Eamonn had no interest in conducting that interview, can’t you?

I use more than that part of my anatomy in my relationship with my beautiful wife.” He said, tactfully dancing around the terms ‘cunnilingus’ and ‘digits’.

He showed us just how big his penis was by pulling a scale paper cut-out from a cardboard cut-out of man because, apparently, ITV are adopting the ‘show, don’t tell’ method of story telling. Seriously, is it so hard to leave some things to the imagination? Looks like it.

Apparently the average penis size is 5.16 inches so there’s only and inch and a bit in it for the ironically named Ant.

Nonetheless, he seemed very happy with his appendage and so he should be. Good for him.

But seriously, you can pull a dick out of a cut-out on live morning TV but you can’t say ‘erect’? Seems stupid.

Image via ITV

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