The Latest 'It' Trailer Is Unbearably Tense...


Another day, another nightmarish It trailer to convince us that we won’t be able to watch this movie without crying. 

A clip of the Losers Club exploring a storm drain, it’s unbearably creepy and tense. You can tell that Pennywise is lurking, you’re expecting him to pounce, and yet somehow you just can’t bring yourself to look away…

Check it out here:

In case you haven’t seen the iconic original It (starring Tim Curry), it sees a shape-shifting monster – usually in the form of a clown – terrorise a small New England town, killing and eating its children. A group of plucky kids – the aforementioned Losers Club – attempt to stop him, but then that’s easier said than done…

Starring Bill Skarsgard and Finn Wolfhard, this remake is looking promising.

It hits UK screens on the 8th September. 

Images via MTV

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