JME Gets Chummy With Jeremy Corbyn Over Snapchat As They Urge Youngsters To Vote


The Tories might be ahead of Labour in the polls, but Corbyn’s latest meeting with JME, grime rapper and co-founder of BBK (Boy Better Know), may just give his party a massive boost. 

Every politician wants to prove how much they’re ‘down with the kids‘ – but sometimes their attempts can turn out to be down right cringe-worthy. (Remember when Leicester MP Keith Vaz tried to do the Gangnam Style dance?) It’s not that difficult for MP’s to get it completely wrong when it comes to reaching the youngsters – but it appears that this time, Jeremy Corbyn managed to get it right – with a little help from JME, of course.

It’s no secret that JME is a huge labour supporter. In the early days of April, he declared his support for Corbyn through a line of tweets, and many other Grime artists have made their opposition against the Conservatives pretty clear (In 2006, Lethal Bizzle called David Cameron ‘a donut’ in an article).

JME and Jeremy Corbyn recently met up to discuss why some young people don’t register to vote. The meeting took place in order to urge people to submit their voting applications before the May 22nd deadline. JME took over Corbyn’s snapchat, and then tweeted an image of their meeting for his 697,000 followers to see.

I met Jeremy Corbyn today and explained why bare of us don’t vote. I forgot to ask for a pic, so here’s one I borrowed.” He then went on to post another reminder for everyone to register before May 22nd: “Remember, don’t just vote for someone in recommendation. Do your own research. But make sure you register.”

A photograph of Corbyn and JME was also posted on the politicians twitter. The pair were all smiles in the image, with Corbyn tweeting a reminder to register as well.

According to a poll published earlier this month, a majority of young people will be voting Labour in the general election, which means Corbyn is definitely hitting his audience with this move. JME, Akala, Novelist and many more rappers have praised Corbyn, and such renowned voices could easily influence masses to vote. It kinda’ goes without saying that a surge in the young vote could potentially work in Labour’s favour, so, yeah – well played, Corbyn.

What do you think of JME’s meeting with Corbyn?

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