The Internet's Best Attempts At 'The Bow Wow Challenge'


I would absolutely hate to be Bow Wow right now. Who, you ask? Well, some of you might know him as ‘Lil’ Bow Wow‘, the starry-eyed  young rapper behind the millennium hit song Bounce with me‘, or that other one with all the lovely references to dogs. No? Perhaps you’ve seen him in ‘Like Mike‘, that movie featuring the boy from Stuart Little. Still nothing?

If you’ve never heard of Bow Wow before, you’ll probably be a bit confused by the brand new internet challenge that sprung up this week.

The rapper recently lied about about flying to New York on a private jet, only to be exposed by someone on Twitter, who revealed that he was actually flying on the same flight as them. Bow Wow was thus accused of pretending to live a much flashier life than he really is, and, obviously, the internet went into immediate challenge mode.

Introducing the Bow Wow Challenge: a way to make your life appear more glamorous than it really is. Here’s the initial tweet that exposed the rapper, aka – The Catalyst:

And here are the funniest gems of what has now become the most popular challenge online right now:

BOW WOW challenge, my new Range Rover is 🔥. What yal doing, I’m bout to pull up. LOL

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Bow Wow (the rapper, not the challenge) gave a short response to the challenge on Facebook live, explaining that he had no idea that “the plane” had become such big news. The rapper appeared cool and unaffected as he spoke of his time in the music business and his history with ‘the haters’. “Everybody talking about the plane,” He said, “I didn’t know that was news. That ain’t news […] I been in this game too long.”

Oh well. Whether it’s news or not, one thing that we know for sure is that it’s all really funny. (#SorryBowWow #YouWereMyChildhoodCrushButThisIsWayTooFunny)

Do you think you can pull off the Bow Wow challenge? Let us know in the comments below! 

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