Ice Cube Confirms That There Is A New 'Friday' Movie In The Works


This one is for all theBye, Felicia fans.

The first film in the Friday film series was released all the way back in 1995, in a time where many rappers had decided to try their hand at acting, only to discover that they were actually good at it. Whilst films such as Juice and Boyz N’ The Hood carried much more of a sombre message, Friday incorporated some seriously hilarious comedy into it’s story.

The plot primarily focuses on Smokey and Craig (played by Chris Tucker and Ice Cube), two friends who need to find $200 in order to pay back a drug-dealer by the end of the day.

Friday has become a 90’s cult film since it’s release, and some have even made it a tradition to watch the film on 420, because, well, the story is essentially about drugs. Whilst Ice Cube has starred in the other Friday sequels (Next Friday, Friday After Next), Chris Tucker has not reprised his role as Smokey since the original.

On a recent appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Ice Cube finally announced a fourth sequel.

We’re working on one right nowWe’re gonna call it Last Friday.” Cube said.

The news was most appreciated by fellow guest, Jason Derulo, who went into instant fanboy mode. The singer gushed about how much he loved the 1995 original, and confessed that he used to watch it everyday. “Friday was one of my favourite movies of all time.”

Ice Cube didn’t say much else about the movie, apart from his announcement about it actually happening. He didn’t specify whether Chris Tucker would return as Smokey, but he did make sure to assure James Corden that there would be no role for him in the film. Ooh, burn. 

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