How To Be Better At Sex, According To Science


Sex. Most people like to think that they’re good at sex. It’s a weird brag that people keep to themselves (somewhat counter-intuitively) when they read things about being bad in bed. “Ha, not me“, they think “I’m a number one shagger“, they go on.

The sad truth is, however, that most people are bad at it or simply not as good as they think they are. That includes you, you, him, Jess, and Ian. Not me though.

Anyway, how does one get better at sex? I’m pretty sure I wrote something once that said you should do yoga and eat spinach or something but hey, the rules have changed. So here’s what science think you should do…


This is hard for me to hear [read] since I love a drink and, well, sober sex is nerve-racking but there you have it. Alcohol numbs the sensations on top of making you just a bit more of an abhorrent person.

Furthermore, a study from New York University says that you should smoke weed to be good in bed. Apparently it leads to more sensual and romantic sex where both parties take their time and enjoy “magnified” orgasms.


It seems irresponsible to suggest that though. Just get black out drunk and you’ll forget that the sex was bad. You’re welcome.


A study in Israel found that people want their partners more and have more sex when their partners make them feel loved and desirable.

It’s quite simple to achieve this one. Find someone worth loving and then let them know you love them. Don’t play it cool over text, call them and just be nice to them.



The University of Toronto found couples who believed they put a lot of effort into their sex had stronger relationships and a better time in bed.

For long term relationships to stay strong and healthy, couples should learn to grow their “sexual communal strength”.


This is essentially a fancy way of saying that you need to be motivated to meet your partner’s sexual needs.


This one seems obvious but, for instance, if you’re a guy and you have a girl on lying on top of you as you’re making out, don’t push her head down until she feels obliged to give you a blow job. Similarly for girls, don’t go expecting head and then turning your nose up when your partner asks for the same.


Research has shown that people prefer unselfish partners for long-term relationships whilst also enjoying them on the short term.


People have sex to feel closer to their partner (unless it’s one of those fuck buddy or one-night stand situations) and one of the ways to achieve this is by cuddling after sex.

It can subconsciously improve your partner’s outlook on their relationship with you and sex with you.

According to Dr. Amy Muise, assistant professor of psychology at York University

One of the most common reasons why people engage in sex in relationships is to enhance intimacy and feel closer to the partner and I think after-sex affection helps to accomplish this goal.


And that’s that.

Five sure fire ways to make you more pleasant in bed.

Now all you need to do is trick someone into thinking you’re worth sleeping with in the first place.

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