Here's Who Has Signed Up For The New Series Of 'Love Island'


Last summer the dramas of Love Island, a show that puts lots of attractive single people in a Spanish villa in the hopes they’ll have sex and start fights, took over the TVs of the UK. 

One contestant, ex Miss Great Britain Zara Holland, was publicly stripped of her title and crown after getting down and dirty on TV for all the world to see. Two couples from last year’s show remain together now, a year on – but now it’s time for some fresh meat to enter the villa.

Check out the starting lineup for the show:


Marcel Somerville

Marcel, 31, from London, was a part of the noughties hip hop group ‘Blazin’ Squad’. He claims the days in the group were the best of his life and he still get recognised occasionally. He’s looking for a girl who’s confident, but not argumentative.

Kem Cetinay 

A hairdresser based in Essex, this 21-year-old might seem familiar to you if you watch shows like The Only Way Is Essex as he has appeared several times due to styling the hair of countless reality stars. He’s never had a serious relationship before, but says “I think I will be romantic once I really fall for a girl.”

Sam Gowland

Sam’s the over-enthusiastic one. A 21-year-old oil rig worker from Middlesbrough, he says “I’m going on to win the show, not to make friends!” and we’re willing to bet he wont last long with that attitude. He says his biggest nightmare is a girl who uses bad language, so that will be fun.


Olivia Attwood 

The 26-year-old model and grid girl is most concerned about giving up her phone and access to the internet during her time at the villa. She’s also unsure of what it will be like to date someone ‘face to face’ and not be able stalk them online, nor send them flirty Snapchats.

Chloe Crowhurst 

Chloe, 22, is an Executive Assistant from Essex. She claims that every male she’s ever been with has cheated on her, so there’s sure to be some serious emotional baggage going on there. When asked why she was going on the Island, she said “I mean, boys in Essex – come on! They’re not great. I want to be loved up but they’re just pigs. I’m ready and willing to meet someone nice.”

Montana Brown 

This 21-year-old economics student from Hertfordshire is looking to be the mean one during this year’s show. She describes herself as “very blunt and honest, and sometimes really brutal” and says “I say things I shouldn’t say, but they’re the things that everyone is thinking.”

She’s dated a few sports stars, but claims her worst nightmare is a boy who smokes and is covered in tattoos and “the kind of guy who goes to Ibiza all the time clubbing.”


Harley Judge

Grounds worker Harley is definitely not going to Montana’s first pick, as when asked what romantic things he’s done for former girlfriends he said he mostly took them partying in Ibiza. The 22-year-old is pretty fresh out of a long term relationship, having broken up with his girlfriend of two and half years just a few months before the show. We’re sensing a producer’s wet dream, get her on the show!

Dominic Lever 

This 26-year-old careers adviser from Manchester describes himself as a “serial dater” and says he’s not modest. he says, “I play on it, though. I’ll go, ‘I’m good looking me, aren’t I? Aren’t you lucky to be with me?’”


Jessica Shears

This 23-year-old glamour model and social media influencer is sure to have a killer bikini collection packed and ready for her trip to the villa. With over 300k Instagram followers already, she claims not on the show for a fame boost but is actually looking for love: “I want to find someone to settle down with. My friends are married and settling down”. She claims she’s not comfortable in clothes, and so will be wearing lots of skimpy outfits.

Camilla Thurlow 

Slightly different from the other girls on the show, Camilla is 27, works in Explosive Ordnance Disposal – and she’s looking for something serious. Looking at the male line up so far, we’re not sure she’s in the right place! She says she wanted to take part in the show to push herself out of her comfort zone and hopefully find someone worth having something with.

Amber Davies

A 20-year-old dancer from South Wales, thinks of herself as a bit of a heart breaker, and claims to have slept with a ‘big name’ in celebrity circles. She claims that “girls don’t kiss and tell” but we’re willing to bet our morning coco-pops that that secret is sure to come out during the show.

We can almost feel it all brewing. And with one less man in the lineup, there’s sure to be one girl leaving after a couple up in the first episode!

Who’s your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

The new series of Love Island will start on Monday the 5th of June, on ITV2. 

Images via ITV

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