This Guy Caught Two People Having Sex And Narrated The Whole Thing David Attenborough-Style


When David Attenborough gives us a rare glimpse of two animals mating in the wild it’s a truly beautiful thing to behold; the creation of life at its most natural and wonderful form- all the while accompanied by the dulcet tones of a national treasure.

This couple having a quickie in the middle of broad daylight in Barnsley is the opposite of that- it’s not miraculous and it’s not particularly beautiful either.

Having said that, when you put some David Attenborough-style commentary over the randy couple (which is exactly what this guy did), it is pretty funny.

31 year-old Denzill Smith couldn’t help but film the episode – occurring near a church of all places, and in the footage we can see him peering close to the two people going at it whilst narrating the whole scene in true Attenborough fashion.

Check out the footage below which has since been taken down off Facebook:

In the video you can hear Smith saying to the camera: “Today on planet earth in Barnsley, Wellington Street, we have a rare mating ritual between one hippopotopig and one female rhinoceros.”

Viewers can then clearly see the man with his kegs down to his ankles going at it on top of some woman who’s got her black stilettos pointing in the air.

Denzill said: “I uploaded it yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon but I’d filmed it on Sunday morning outside a night club at 6.15am.

“It was dead everywhere and I’m assuming the couple had been out all night then started having sex.

“Facebook removed the clip and banned me from posting anything because someone reported it.”

He added: “It was funny and I’m glad that lots of people who watched it thought it was hilarious, too.

“But they should really have found a room to go back, though behind a wall is better than in full view of everyone, I suppose.”

Whoever said romance was dead, eh?

Have you ever caught anyone having sex in a funny place? Let us know in the comments below!

Images via Getty Images/iStock

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