Drug Smuggling Pigeon Busted With A Tiny Bag Filled With Ecstacy


Whether it’s on some TV show, or in the news, we’ve all seen some of the elaborate lengths that people go to in order to smuggle drugs. Most of the time it involves strapping a shit load of narcotics to yourself or shoving them up places where such things shouldn’t be shoved up – but this recent method might be the most ingenious way yet.

As Al Arabiya reports, Kuwait customs officers were tracking a homing pigeon from neighbouring Iraq. Eventually, they managed to catch the bird as it was crossing the border between the two countries. When they searched the pigeon, they found a tiny satchel strapped to its back, which contained nearly 200 ecstasy pills.

This, of course, begs a whole series of questions; firstly, who put them there, and secondly, who made the cute little backpack?

More importantly though, how the hell did they even catch the little guy?

Was it a massive net? Did they call in some kind of Ace Ventura-style pet detective?

Maybe they relied on good old Dick Dastardly, and his trusty sidekick Muttley.

Anyway, as Twitter caught wind of the news, several people couldn’t resist making a joke about the pigeon’s exploits.

This isn’t the first time pigeons have tried to slip through the net of law enforcement officers. Not too long ago, one ballsy fella tried to smuggle a bag full of marijuana and cocaine into a Costa Rican prison, before being caught.

Better luck next time pigeons, you filthy smuggler scum.

Have you ever seen unusual ways people have tried to smuggle drugs? Let us know in the comments below!

Images via Twitter

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