This Creepy Spongebob Fan Theory Is Freaking A Lot Of People Out


Fan theories have an outstanding way of capturing people’s imaginations. Usually they’re fairly serious and are about films like Inception or the Voldermort parts of Harry Potter but only yesterday did I write a fairly light-hearted one about Back to the Future. That was nice.

This one’s about Spongebob so that’s even nicer, right? All lovable sea creatures having fun with bright colours and charming plots – what could be weird about that? A lot apparently.

You know how Mr Krabs is a crab, yeah? And you’re aware of Pear, the whale, right? So you’ll definitely be familiar with Pearl being the daughter of My Krabs, won’t you?

But how does that work? What’s going on there?




He does have a lot of cash and Pearl does love spending it but it can’t be, right? Spongebob had to take her to the prom once!

People disagreed, obviously…

But then…

I’m confused, but then this comic does exist.



Images via Nickelodeon

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