Cadbury's Have Released A Freddo Hot Chocolate And It Looks Delicious


At one point in time, a Cadbury’s Freddo represented something much more than just a mere chocolate bar.

For children growing up in an increasingly complicated and daunting world, a Freddo represented hope – a shining example to always be yourself – even in a world of Dream bars and Galaxy.

Humble, modest, simple and most importantly of all, cheap, a Freddo was a reliable constant in our lives during a period of great uncertainty. Our fun-sized frog friend was with us every step of the way – laughing in the face of price inflation and sticking two fingers up to the system whilst doing so.

Alas, it was only a matter of time before he succumbed to rising prices though, quickly becoming the most talked about chocolate bar in the land as they rose from 10p to 30p, sparking mass outrage and debate.

Freddo’s were never quite the same after that, but now they are making a triumphant return, reborn like Gandalf the White.

That’s because Freddo hot chocolate is now a thing, and has made its way onto the shelves of British supermarkets.

People were obviously overjoyed with this news, and took to social media to share their excitement.

NEW Freddo hot chocolate 👅 #freddohotchocolate #freddo #bigkid #yum

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Hang on a second. Like many of you probably, I’m a little bit confused- isn’t this just normal Cadbury’s drinking chocolate- which already exists? After all, a Freddo is just a smaller Dairy Milk.

It looks that way, yes.

When you look at the ingredients they are pretty much identical; they are both made up of sugar, cocoa powder, salt, flavouring and cocoa solids.


And, it seems that having the privilege of that little green face smiling at us every time we want a drink of the chocolate is actually going to cost us more. Freddo drinking chocolate (175G) is sold at £1.50, while regular Cadbury drinking chocolate (500g) is £2.99. That means Freddo drinking chocolate is 86p per 100g, while regular Cadbury drinking chocolate is just 60p per 100g.

Clearly, this is just an elaborate marketing technique, appealing to children and nostalgia, to get us to buy the product. And dammit, it’s working.

I don’t really care too much though, you can’t put a price on a face that innocent.

Will you be buying the Freddo hot chocolate? Let us know in the comments!

Images via Cadbury

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