Most Australian Man Ever Tells A Shark To "F*ck Off", And It's Brilliant


When you think of Australia, with the best will in the world, the first things that come to mind are animals that want to kill you, beer, and people saying ‘mate’, ‘fuck’ or worse. It’s essentially Ireland in the sun with more teeth and venom.

With that in mind, when an Australian father and son were fishing off the coast of Port Pirie, South Australia, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that they were visited by an angry shark which they proceeded to tell to “fuck off”.

Pulling in their fishing net, a shark decided to get involved, biting at the net (maybe one of his fish friends was stuck in there?). That’s when a land vs sea tug of war battle broke out, filled with bad language and close encounters…

Fucking idiot. Fuck off

Amazing. Hopefully he went to cool down afterwards with a can of VB whilst watching a YouTube video of Shane Warne’s best moments. That would top it off…

Apparently the shark got caught in the net, Nicholas Wilks and his dad freed it but it still came back.

Nicholas told Buzzfeed:

Apparently the shark hadn’t had enough so he came back and when he was right by the boat, dad tried to ward him off with a swift punch to the nose.

And so the shark didn’t like that very much and went berserk and that’s when he grabbed onto the net.

Well at least everyone’s safe… cobber.

Image via Instagram

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