Artist Of The Week: 'Sundara Karma' Have A Bright Future Ahead Of Them


Sundara Karma are really making a splash. 

Their debut album (released back in January) was hailed as “electrifying”, they smashed it on tour with Two Door Cinema Club, and they’ve drawn comparisons to everyone from Arcade Fire, to The Maccabees, to U2.

For a relatively new band, it’s impressive stuff.

Comprised of Oscar Pollock (vocals, guitar), Haydn Evans (drums), Ally Baty (guitar) and Dom Cordell (bass), Sundara Karma are popular for the kind of sing-along songs that enrapture festival audiences – their exotic indie disco tackles big ideas with soulful lyrics, while jangling melodies demand that you dance.

Listening to their latest single Explore (which tells of “another Friday night of agitation / So many people but no conversation”), brings to mind those memories of festival fields, slightly warm beers and friends made in crowds of strangers.

Even through headphones on a crowded (miserable) commuter train, it’s music to make you smile, and remember.

With their live reputation going from strength to strength, it’s fair to say that Sundara Karma have a busy summer ahead of them. Playing a myriad of festivals and live shows (from Glastonbury, to Reading and Leeds, to this weekend’s Dot to Dot Festival – which they’re headlining), they have a network of dedicated fans excited to see them.

When the season is over, they’ll have a lot more.

This young band (from Reading) have one hell of a lot of potential.

You can catch Sundara Karma on The Hook’s Facebook page on Friday at 10pm, as they participate in an interactive live-stream from the Dot to Dot Festival.

Their debut album – Youth Is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect – will be re-released on the 7th July with three brand new tracks (Explore, plus the as-yet unheard Lakhey and Another Word for Beautiful). 

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