55 Sex Positions You've Never Heard Of


1. Bandoleer 

The woman lays on her back, and pulls both her knees up to her chest. The man kneels in front of her (so she can rest her feet on his chest, and he can put his forearms on her knees.

Like so:


The more the man pushes down on the woman’s knees, the more she’ll enjoy it…

2. The Bridge

As demonstrated in the diagram below, the woman makes a bridge, and the man kneels in front of her. Great for people who are bored of the missionary position!


3. The Reverse Bridge



4. The Fan

Perfect for a man with a smaller penis, this position sees the woman lean forwards onto a chair, with her back arched. The man enters her from behind, playing with her breasts and clitoris as he goes.


This is a great one if the man isn’t exactly well-endowed. The angle of the woman’s pelvis will allow him to thrust deeper.

5. The Snail

This one works excellently for men with small penises. With the ladies posterior raised, it allows for deeper penetration.


6. Balancing Act

Names for obvious reasons, in this, the man lies on his back with his legs apart and knees pulled towards him. The lady then perches on top of him and lifts her legs, quite literally balancing. This is made easier when the man holds onto the lady’s thighs to guide penetration.


7. The Grip

This looks like the missionary, but the way it works is different. Basically, the woman lies on her back and lifts her pelvis. Then, instead of the man thrusting, the woman moves from side to side.


It’s a great, intimate one for when you’re not feeling hugely energetic…

8. Afternoon Delight

If you’re feeling lazy but want to get your end away, the afternoon delight is for you. It’s perfect for sex if you’re not in a rush and is pretty easy to accomplish. It works better with larger penises.


9. The Rider

Just a fancy name for cowgirl – you know how to do this.


10. The Eagle

The eagle works nicely for smaller penises as the raised legs of the woman allow for deeper and easier penetration. On top of that, the man is one his knees so his penis is raised for increases leverage.


11. The Visitor

Both standing, the man enters the woman form the front during a sort of romantic-looking embrace. He holds on to her behind and/or thighs and can even slip a finger in if both parties are game.


12. The Slide

This is like reverse missionary in that the woman lies on top of the man and quite literally slides and grinds on top of him.


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