20 Songs From 2007 That Will Make You Wish You Still Had A Flip-Phone


Nothing will make you feel like it’s 2007 again quite like these songs will.

It was a time filled with pop classics, cheesy music videos and Motorola Razrs. Vevo wasn’t even a thing yet (it came later in 2009), so most of us watched music videos the right way – on TV.

It’s time for a trip down memory lane, we here at The Hook have compiled 20 of our favourite songs from the iconic year. Listen to them on YouTube below or on Apple Music here.

1. Sean Kingston – Beautiful girls

2. Amy Winehouse – Rehab

3. Rihanna – Umbrella

4. Akon – Smack That ft. Eminem

5. Colbie Caillat – Bubbly

6. T-Pain – Buy U A Drank

7. Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend

8. Plain White T’s – Hey There Delilah

9. Akon – I Wanna Love You

10. Fergie – Fergalicious

11. Justin Timberlake – What Goes Around… Comes Around

12. The Fray – How To Save A Life

13. P!nk – U + Ur Hand

14. Nickelback – Rockstar 

15. Ne-Yo – Because Of You 

16. Beyoncé, Shakira – Beautiful Liar 

17. Gwen Stefani – Wind It Up 

18. 50 Cent – Ayo Technology ft. Justin Timberlake

19. Paramore – Misery Business

20. Lil Mama – Lip Gloss

Aaaaand you’re back to 2017.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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