All Women Are Apparently Able To Have A 'Super-Orgasm'... Here's How.


There are a lot of girls out there who think that they can’t have orgasms. It’s the sad truth of the world that, really, there’s simply not enough hours in the day for me to visit every one of them. Keeps me up at night if truth be told.

Anyway, enough about my prowess, back to the women. Whilst there are women out there that simply don’t come, there are, apparently, a few who can come 100 times at once. AND SO CAN YOU! If you’re a woman, that is…

First and foremost, this isn’t some kind of new technique that you can employ when rubbing one out, it’s more of a cuddly sex thing.

As part of a Channel 4 show called The Super Orgasm, a scientific study found that, with the right know-how, a woman can achieve what’s known as a ‘super-orgasm’. So now you know where the programme gets its name from.

The super-orgasm is essentially a bunch of orgasms at the same time – a hundred, to be exact – an oddly round number for what is essentially a biological coincidence.


Despite the treat that this could be for you, you might not be happy to know that achieving this involves the following things; relaxation, yoga, and bonding. Because comedy cums in threes.

The study involved measuring five (not a very big case study) women’s brain activity to find out more about multiple orgasms and to prove that the super-orgasm was not a myth. In fact it’s entirely possible, you just need all of the oxytocin you can get your mits on. Oxytocin being the chemical that makes you all nice and cuddly. Aww.

The study found that women who released more oxytocin were able to have multiple orgasms easier, and the fabled super-orgasms were achieved when the women in question felt relaxed and weren’t worried about whether or not they would come.


This is why relaxation, yoga, and bonding is advised. It’s just different ways of being content… although I dare say that relaxation is a symptom of the latter two requirements, rather than something you could tell someone to do.

“You need to relax,” you might say, “do some yoga”. You wouldn’t say “you need to relax… try relaxing?” would you? Well you might, but don’t.

The women that were able to have the super-orgasm were Beverly (who’s big up in tantra), another woman who does a lot of yoga and then Francesca, who said that she was very bonded with her partner.

So there you have it. Seems a bit gratuitous, to be honest, and the perfect way to undermine every other orgasm you’ve ever had. Maybe I’m just jealous?

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