Woman Can Now Go Down On Themselves Thanks To This New App


Whilst this isn’t something I want to properly divulge in an article because I don’t write for Vice and, as far as I know, I’m not some huge exhibitionist, I do wonder whether, if I could give myself head, I would.

I’m not going to pretend that I’m less curious than anyone else out there and I definitely won’t say that I wouldn’t try it if it was within the realms of possibility, I’m just not sure the ends would justify the means. I may not keep it up (so to speak) after the first go.

Still curious though so what can you do, eh? Well nothing if, like me, you own a penis. But if you’re a girl, you may have just come one step closer to going down on yourself, courtesy of the O-cast.


O-cast is a website that you would access on your phone that is designed to link with your Lovense Bluetooth Lush vibrator. With the site, you lick your smart-phone which in turn makes your vibrator move in specific ways around you clitoris. You can save licking methods and try them out later on your vibrator or you can do some live-licking.

It also works with a finger but that’s less fun. Even less fun is the way I tried it out. I have neither a vibrator nor a vagina and I couldn’t be bothered to open it on my phone; so here’s the sequence that I designed using my mouse on my computer. Very sexy…


Sensual, eh? Yeah I thought so too. Form an orderly queue, ladies.

I’d have shown you the whole web page but the ads on the side were very crass. They probably shouldn’t be on The Hook.

Well anyway, that’s me rendered obsolete.

The real question is, why was I asked to write this???

Images via O-Cast / iStock

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