Uni Professor Sentenced To Life In Prison After Cooking And Selling Methylone


A Chinese chemistry professor (identified only as Zhang) has been sentenced to life in prison for “breaking bad”, and cooking and selling methylone. 

Since 2005, he and his partner Yang have been making over 4 million yuan (£452,000) annually by manufacturing the drug and shipping it to buyers abroad.

Everything ran smoothly (with no rival cartels or pesky neo-nazis to disrupt operations) until 2014, when customs stumbled upon nine packages containing the drug.

Police managed to trace them back to Zhang’s lab and arrested the professor along with eight of his accomplices. They also seized 20kg of methylone that had yet to be shipped out.


Zhang got life in prison and his partner was sentenced to death, albeit with a two-year reprieve (which means that he’ll only be executed if he’s found to intentionally commit a crime in the next couple of years).

The pair have gained notoriety in China, being hailed by the media as the country’s very own Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

Methylone is a psychotropic drug that can induce euphoric highs, increased sociability and a heightened sex drive. It’s often used as an MDMA substitute, but carries substantial risks.

Side effects can include anxiety and seizures, and in extreme cases, death.

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Source: ECNS

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