Time Have Released Their List Of "100 Most Influential People" For 2017


For our enjoyment, Time have released the list of who they consider to be the 100 most influential people in 2017.

You can check out some of the big names to make the list here:

Ivanka Trump


Daughter of Donald Trump and currently his assistant, Ivanka Trump is also a businesswoman.

Jordan Peele


Director of the insanely popular horror Get Out. 

Conor McGregor


MMA fighter Conor McGregor is the first person in the history of the UFC to simultaneously hold titles in two weight divisions.

Riz Ahmed


Actor and rapper Riz Ahmed starred in Rogue One, The Night Of and Girls. He also rapped on the Hamilton mixtape, and wrote an essay on his experiences being an immigrant in the UK.

John Legend


Artist and activist John Legend is named for the fact that he “uses his platform to push for meaningful social change.”

Emma Stone


Emma Stone won an Oscar this year, for her starring role in La La Land.

Ed Sheeran


After his year long hiatus, Ed Sheeran came back with a record-breaking new album.

Ryan Reynolds


Ryan Reynolds famously plays Deadpool, tweets his hilarious thoughts on fatherhood, and is apparently a genuinely decent guy.

Donald Glover


A Golden Globe winner for his comedy Atlanta, Donald Glover also raps as Childish Gambino.

Chance the Rapper


Independent artist Chance the Rapper “makes music from an unapologetically inspiring and Christian perspective—music that transcends age, race and gender.”

Leslie Jones


Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones was the subject of a racist campaign of online harassment, but refused to be defeated. “Like the comedy greats throughout history, she’s there to give, and what she is prepared to give is all of who she is.”

Sarah Paulson 


American Horror Story and American Crime Story’s Sarah Paulson is “at the forefront of a generation of women who are changing the landscape of the film and television industry.” 

Margot Robbie


The Wolf of Wall Street and Suicide Squad actress Margot Robbie is a rising star in Hollywood.

Barry Jenkins


Director of the Oscar winning Moonlight.

James Corden


Host of The Late Late Show, star of many a viral Carpool Karaoke video.

Demi Lovato 


Singer Demi Lovato partnered with Be Vocal, and is working to end the stigma around mental illness. She speaks openly about her own struggles, and is working to end bullying.

Theresa May


Prime Minister of the UK.

Donald Trump



Julian Assange


The head of WikiLeaks.

Kim Jong-un


Might well start WW3.

Vladimir Putin 


Russian leader Putin might also well start WW3.

Pope Francis


Pope Francis has been vocal about the need to welcome refugees during the current crisis.

LeBron James


Basketball player LeBron James is credited with bringing hope back to Ohio, and being an all round inspiration.

Viola Davis 


Emmy and Oscar award winning actress Viola Davis “embodies for all women, but especially for women of color, the high-wire rewards of hard work and a dream, risk and faith.”

Simone Biles


Olympic gymnast Simone Biles won five medals at the 2016 games.

Margaret Atwood


Margaret Atwood is the novelist who wrote, among other things, The Handmaid’s Tale.



Brazilian footballer player Neymar is well on his way to becoming the best footballer in the world, at least according to David Beckham.



Of TV personality RuPaul, Naomi Campbell said, “It’s incredible what he’s done for the drag queens who compete on that show—bringing them out, introducing them to a mainstream audience and letting them be proud of who they are and what they want to be.”

You can check out the full list here.

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