Survey Reveals What Men And Women Really Want In The Bedroom


If you’re single and ready to mingle, but want to make sure that you find someone as freaky as you, then now’s the time to rejoice. 

While we might not like to publicly admit it, it turns out that we’re one hell of a kinky bunch.

OkCupid recently surveyed their 400,000 members, and found that contrary to popular belief, a whole lot of people are into all things BDSM.

Apparently, 75% of men and 62% of women “like it rough”


…While 64% of men and 51% of women consider themselves into bondage…


(They pointed out that a certain filthy film franchise might have had something to do with its rise in popularity…).


They then decided to delve a bit further into their data, and map out what we do and don’t like according to gender.


As it goes, women seem to love their partner taking control, having their hair pulled and rough sex, while men prefer taking control, hearing derogatory terms and being bitten. Also rough sex.

Both genders seem to dislike being slapped hard in the face (which oddly enough doesn’t surprise us), and we all seem relatively indifferent to “some pain.” 

To be completely honest, as long as your sexual desires and fetishes are legal and (at least relatively) safe, then you’re more than likely going to find someone who’ll help you indulge in them.

Into feet? Go for it. Want to fuck a sex doll? Why not? Men dressed as babies? Treat yourself…

Let us know what you think in the comments! 

Images via Universal Pictures / OkCupid

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